5 essentials to carry while Travelling this Monsoon

5 essentials to carry while Travelling this Monsoon

Keeping an Extra Pair of Clothes Keeping an Extra Pair of Clothesst awaited time of the year is here… Monsoons! Although, this is the season that people eagerly look forward to during the year, the monsoon makes it a little cumbersome for traveling, especially for the people who have #wanderlust.
If you’d like to make the most out of this season, it is important that you keep these basic rain-protection gear handy, so that you are never caught unprepared and can continue with your travel parade.

Here are some essentials that are a must for every traveler to carry during the monsoons.

Umbrella and Raincoat

We all love getting drenched in the rain, especially that first rain that helps bring the scorching temperatures down. Although, once the initial euphoria dies down, getting wet everytime is not the wisest of ideas. Donning a raincoat and/or opening up an umbrella is the safest and surest way of keeping us from catching nasty colds and flu that usually pop-up during this time of the year.

Keeping an Extra Pair of Clothes 

The Monsoon Weather is known to be unpredictable, which is why it is always advisable to be safe than sorry. Make sure you always carry a few extra pairs of clothes, that are easy to fold and light in weight.

Pro-tip: Carry some warm clothes such as a pullover along with a pair of socks, to keep yourself warm and prevent any sickness.

Water Bottle

Water borne diseases are widespread during the monsoon. Avoid having water from anywhere you are not sure about. Instead, carry your own water bottle and fill it with distilled-boiled water. Not only are you being safe with water from home, but you are also helping the environment by avoiding the use of one-time-use plastic bottles.

Mosquito Repellant and first Aid: 

During the monsoon, beware of the mosquitos who also like to travel just like you. Make sure you carry a mosquito repellant or apply the cream while travelling so that mosquitoes don’t have you itching your way through your travels.

Pro-tip: The most important thing to be kept in mind while traveling. You never know when an emergency arrives. Carrying basic pain-killers and a first-aid kit is always recommended.


Appropriate footwear is a must while traveling. To avoid any ‘footfalls’ during your travel, carry less, but pick the pair that stays with you throughout your travel. Ladies, ditch your pair of heels and choose comfort with style. Pro-tip: Carry a pair of chic or quirky monsoon boots that will make all your walkarounds during that trip easier and cleaner for you!.

 Monsoon is a wonderful time because it finally allows us to get a break from the sweltering heat. While travel during the rainy season has its own challenges, being prepped and well equipped to embrace it will only make your travel experience that much nicer.





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