4 Simple Ways to keep your Diabetes in Check

4 Simple Ways to keep your Diabetes in Check

 Diabetes also colloquially known as “sugar” affects 1 out of 8 Indians. It is a slow, silent and extremely demanding disease, especially since managing diabetes isn’t simply about popping pills and pumping the body with insulin.

Diabetes must also be managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s 4 everyday tips to help keep those sugar levels in check

• Drink Up
Water is the easiest and surest solution to curing 99% of our bodily malfunctions. Drinking a minimum of 3litres of water through the day, is one of the best ways to control blood sugar levels. Water acts as a cleanser and flushes out most of the extra sugar in our body.

• Keep on Moving
Not only is any kind of physical activity crucial in the production of insulin, it also helps with keeping you fit and sexy for a lot more years ahead! You can add any physical activity to your daily routine - be it a simple walk around the block or something more intense like workouts at the gym.
Whatever makes you and your body, swing into action...do that!

• Watch What you Eat
This one’s key in keeping your diabetes from spiralling. When your diet is under control, your diabetes is as well. If you can suppress the urge to wipe clean that delicious New York Cheesecake…. you most likely will not even need any kind of medication!

• Don’t Worry Be Happy
Easier said than done, but managing your stress is one of the most important factors to maintaining ‘sugar’ levels. Stress only accelerates blood sugar levels, which in turn also leads to a loss of appetite.

Apart from making basic lifestyle changes, simpler solutions, such as wearing shoes and/or socks that are created especially for people with diabetes, will ensure the smooth circulation of blood by providing warmth to the
feet while also preventing any kind of injury/swelling.

While Diabetes cannot be cured, simple small steps is all it takes to make a difference to help you feel fit and energetic.

So…why the wait? Take your first step, today towards a healthier life

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